Monday, October 12, 2009

Welcome to the official blog of!!

What can I say, this is my first blog post.....ever! My name is Eddy Inserra, I am the CEO and Co-Founder of I will use this blog to post updates on the site, any info that I find interesting about the industry, and maybe some random stuff. If you have a bunch (or even a few) social network profiles, webpages, blogs, or any other websites that you are connected to, promote, or just happen to go to a lot, then you should check out Our site is of simple design, function, and purpose. With social networks popping up all the time, we all keep adding to our online presence. With each social network, every user gets there own profile page (or URL), this info is seemingly getting harder to relay to everyone as we are all adding new sites to our name. At ItsMyURLS, you create a profile, add all of your URL's and websites, add one photo, and some about you info. In return, you get the last URL that you will ever need, your "ItsMyURLs link", this is posted under every user's profile photo. Anywhere that you paste this URL, people will be redirected to your ItsMyURLs profile page, which will take them to all of your social networks and webpages! In the next post I will explain, some of the uses of the site.

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  1. Hi Eddy

    This looks like a great product, the only problem is that all the URL Hyperlinks redirect via your server. I'm guessing that this is due to click tracking, but it means that your usurers miss out on extra SEO leverage that they might get if they were direct links.

    If you provided direct links, I'm sure the SEO community would encourage their clients to user your product, thus growing your user base tremendously. Perhaps you could use JavaScript/Ajax to track click like Google Analytics does.

    Let me know what you think.