Saturday, May 1, 2010

Status of ItsMyURLs

It has been months...maybe almost a year since my last actual blog post, before the video that I just posted. So there is kind of a lot that has happened with ItsMyURLs, myself, and my team since then. Let me start by saying that we have gained many valuable connections and friendships so far on this journey, including partners, clients on our site that are now friends, people that we've met at events, etc. We are thankful and grateful for these new relationships, and are extremely thankful for EVERYONE who has helped support ItsMyURLs since the beginning, as well as the new people on the way, we couldn't have gotten to this point without your support. You might be saying "what point is ItsMyURLs at"?. Let's just say that I just returned home from Hollywood CA, from the "Iron Man 2" movie premiere to promote the site, yes I was on the red carpet with all the big shots, actors, and other celebrities (thanks to friend, actor Faizon Love, whom I met through ItsMyURLs). We have come from being just an idea a little over a year ago, into a Company that is beating fully funded, similar type companies (we are self funded, keep in mind). My team is exceptional, and none of us could have done it without each other. Since I last posted, myself, and partners Harout Khandjian (Chief Financial Officer), and Mukhtar Mohamed (Chief Marketing Officer), we have welcomed Phil Kokoska into our Company as a partner and Chief Technology Officer. Phil is a major asset to our company in many ways, he brings his technological and marketing expertise to the table, and has added extreme value to the site.

As mentioned, our site has user's including Hollywood Celebrities like Faizon, to Models like Ice T's Wife Coco, the CEO of "The Core DJ's" Tony Neal, to Grammy Award Winning DJ Kid Capri. We do have these big names on our site, and it is great, but our foundation of users also consists of Models, Actors, Musicians, Artists, Techies (including one from and pretty much any occupation in between. And we value each and every one.

We have been interviewed by newspapers (next boston globe), had many events, launch parties, and much much more. We have blown away sites that tried to imitate us, right out of the water, and will continue to do so.

Our site design has completely changed, which is part of our vast growth (we are currently recoding and redesigning the site again), since our redesign in January of 2010, we have moved up from being one of the top 6 million sites in the United States, to being one of the top 100,000 websites in the United States in 4 months. And show no signs of slowing down, in fact, we see signs of exponential growth on the horizon.

I don't want this to sound like a post that I am bragging, but these are great accomplishments for us that I would just like to be documented in this post.

I am sure that I have forgotten to post some of our other accomplishments from this past year, but I will be posting much more frequently now.


Now I know how Warren Buffett feels with his yearly Berkshire letter.......haa

And yes, my grammar might be pretty bad in this post, I am dead tired right now.

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