Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How To Add Your Vine Profile Link To Your ItsMyURLs Profile

Currently it takes a few steps to add your Vine Profile link to your ItsMyURLs link list.  Once Vine makes it easier with a direct web URL, you won't have to do this.  For now, this works and if you want to make a link that people can click on and get to your Vine profile, this is the best way!  Let's get started, first we need to figure out your Vine ID number (Vine profile link).

1. Finding Your Vine Profile Link And Copying It.

Open the Vine app on your mobile device, go to your own profile by selecting "profile" from the top drop down menu.

Next, select "settings" from your profile page.

Scroll down and select "invite via text".

Copy the link that looks like "vine://user/23897987988" in the text window then close it.  (this is your vine app link to your profile)

2. Now it's time to add your Vine Profile Link to your ItsMyURLs Profile.

Select "Add A Link" from your ItsMyURLs Dashboard while logged in.

Leave the default "web link" selected at the top of the page, enter your "link title" (follow me on vine, for example), and paste in the Vine App link that you had copied into the "link address" field.  Then click Save Changes.  

YOU AREN"T DONE YET!  Next step please.

In order to make the link work, you need to click on the "sort/edit/delete links" option in the dashboard of your ItsMyURLs profile.

Then click on the new Vine Link that you just added.  This will bring up the "edit link" window.

Now, remove everything before the word "vine" in the link.  You are deleting the "http://" in front of the word vine.  Then click save.

3. Test Your Vine Link.

Test that you've added your Vine profile link correctly by going to your ItsMyURLs profile on your iOS device (this link only works on iOS devices).  Click on the new Vine Link that you've added and edited.

It should now prompt you asking if you would like to "open this page in Vine?".  Click open, and you should go right to your profile.

Success!  Good job, now people can follow you on Vine just by clicking the link.  We are working to make this easier to add very soon.

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