Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Updates to all ItsMyURLs Profiles.

The Updates include:
*ability to add a background image
*each link has a "hit counter" underneath it while logged in, that shows how many clicks each link has gotten. (everyone started at zero on 07.03.10, as we weren't collecting this data before).
*the ability to add as many "twitter friends" to your profile as you want.
*the ability to drag and drop your links in your link list in any order that you want.
*the ability to email a profile to people, or all of your gmail or yahoo contacts without leaving the ItsMyURLs profile that you are on.
*all edits to your profile come up in a shadow box, so you don't have to leave your profile page for anything.

Here's my profile ( ) for an example of the new look and features, make sure you login to edit/add/see some of the features.

More new features are on the way!

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