Monday, April 25, 2011

Lots of News!

I'm not even going to get into how bad I am with consistently blogging, as I have made attempts in the past 9 months, with no success, the startup life is a whirlwind! So I apologize for all ItsMyURLs fans and users up front.

I'll list our site updates, some cool stuff like events and media
coverage from the past 9 months, and then I will briefly talk about what is in store for the future.

Since this last blog, we have updated and overhauled the whole site, from the homepage, to the profiles. Now there are pretty much only 3 different pages, one is the new
homepage, next is the search/browse page (currently being redesigned), and finally the profile pages. We moved the "share" buttons to be underneath the user's link list, since we added a few more options to the sharing, we needed more space, and really liked how they worked out in the new spot (the old spot where is now the "about" section, & can now have as many words as you want in it).

We consolidated pretty much every single profile option into the top "slider panel", as soon as you login, the panel will drop down, and is ready for you to add more links, grab code to a profile badge, change your photo, or background, and every other option (there is no need to go to any other pages). We felt that there was a need to centralize everything so that the user has a sort of "mission control", and doesn't need to search for anything this time around.

We have added a few more "badges" to the current badge lineup, but I want to quickly go over the new QR code that we supply each user, for free.

A QR code (quick response) is one of those funny looking square barcodes that you see on marketing materials, you can scan it with a QR scanner app on your smartphone, and you will be directed to some kind of company promotional material, video, etc. What we have done is supplied our users with what we call a "Social Identity QR Code". This means that you have one QR code, that when scanned with a QR scanner app on a smartphone (android, ios, and blackberry), you will be redirected to a "Mobile Optimized" version of your profile, that connects people immediately with all of your social profiles, NO SEARCHING NEEDED, NO TYPING. Now all existing users and all new ones, have a QR code on their profile, once logged in you can click on the "QR code" option from the drop down slider, and get the link to your QR code to use it in an email signature, grab the embed code to put it on your site, and even right click and save the image, print it, put it on business cards, t-shirts, stickers, laptop covers, marketing materials, etc, etc.

We also offer a "branding/customizing" option for your QR code, since you have one place that holds all of your social identity profiles, you now have a QR code that should be personalized so that people know that when they scan that code, it has to do with you. Once you are logged in, you can click on the "Customize QR" button, pay the one time fee, then email us the image that you want inside your QR code, we will email you the finished product. You can view Serena Williams' Branded QR Code on our homepage, scan it, see how cool it is! You can also login and see how many clicks your QR has had (adding geographic tracking data soon!).

We have done a TON of events in the past 9 months, from Boston, to Hollywood, to San Francisco, and more. Check out our Facebook Fan Page to see the pics, and videos of the events as well as our new "Startup Van", we got a conversion van, put our logo and QR codes all over it, and have been driving it to any west coast events. (special thanks to Steve T., Anabella A., David K., Jack K., Lousine, F.A.M.E., and of course my Co-Founder/Partner Harout K., for heading up all of the events, among all else, and killing it!!!).

Stay tuned, next month we are doing something cool, Harout & Steve are going to "Crash" Silicon Valley, they are heading out to Silicon Valley for the next few months to get into the heart of the industry, and make some noise like they have in Los Angeles, we will update frequently on our Facebook Fan Page, and Twitter with pics, givaways, events, and more!

Our numbers have been though the roof, we are one of the top 95,000 websites in the world, and 20,000 in the United States, have more celebrity users, and more users period than most funded internet companies (we are not funded), our celebrity user's actually tweet their links and use our service frequently. We have had to upgrade our servers 3 times since my last blog post due to high traffic volume (growing pains, lol).

We have met some great people that have helped us expand big time, they know who they are, I cannot name you all here, nor do I want to give away my secret weapons, lol. But I sincerely thank you.

For the near future, we are going to upgrade some things with the profiles, we will make the slider panel seem more "app like" by adding icons to all options, as well as add a bunch more options. You will soon be able to see where the people came from that are actually clicking on the links on your profile, how many visited your profile, and more analytics. We are going to make the white background a little bit see through for those with custom background pics, in order for your custom background come through and add a little bit more personalization to your profile while still keeping the uniform profile look (think, the right hand column on the new twitter profiles). It's been taking a while, but we will be launching what a lot of you have been asking for, our "widget", which pulls all of the links from your ItsMyURLs profile and displays them on your blog, or other html site in a small window (check out the one on this blog in the top right).

We have all been working our asses off, and the results are more than we could have ever expected, and can't wait to see where we take ourselves in the next few months! Special special thanks to our west and east coast teams, family members for all of their support from friends, girlfriends, wives, and users for their support of our dream that has affected millions of people in this world (our links have been visited and clicked on millions of times)!!



  1. Eddy, if you don't have time, let me be your blogger. I have 8 blogs. If you want to talk you can find me on ;) I just signed up today! Cheers! Tina aka Zipolita

  2. I like - but would also like to know what's happening when the site's down, as it was this morning. Is there anywhere you post site status updates? If not please consider posting them somewhere so we know what's going on?

  3. As you can see, I haven't been on this blog much, you can connect with me on Twitter @Hustle247.

    To answer your questions: Tina, I appreciate the offer and will let you know if interested, sounds great!

    Anthea, when you posted this we had a lot of issues and sporadic downtime due to fast growth and having to upgrade servers every week or so due to a large spike in demand of ItsMyURLs. Since July 2011, we have changed the structure of how the site actually pulls data from our database, and our webserver, we have also upgraded to top tier hosting providers. We now have separate top of the line web servers and SEPERATE database servers (which were all on the same server before). So basically, we have upgraded to a much more fundamentally strong data structure. Since then our downtime has decreased and now is close to zero. Sorry to answer your questions or concernes so late.