Friday, October 12, 2012

Dashboard - Adding Your Bio, Account Info, and Changing Your Password

In this post I will explain 2 different dashboard tiles, the "Edit Profile" and "Account Settings" on ItsMyURLs.  They are pretty much self-explanatory, but I will eventually get through every dashboard tile option.

Edit Profile:

To edit your profile info, select the Edit Profile and the popup will come up with the profile info options in it.

In the "profile info" tab which is the default tab you can enter your full name, date of birth (this helps us show relevant ads on your profile), gender, and location.

After you finish that tab, click on the "biography" tab and enter some info about yourself.  People see this info when they go on your profile and click on the "user info" tab.

Account Settings & Change Password:

Select the "account info" tile in order to pull up these settings.

  • The first box shows your current email address on file.  It's important that you keep this updated as this is the email address that we will send you a password recovery email as well as our email newsletter.
  • Below that are two input boxes where you can change your password.  Just enter the same password twice and click save in order to change it.
  • The final option is for "email notifications", it's a toggle button that you can turn on or off.  This is not to disable our newsletter.  This is built in for future use of our soon to be released notifications center (hush hush stuff....stay tuned).

Have a great weekend.


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