Thursday, November 29, 2012

ItsMyURLs QR Code

We get a lot of questions about the QR Code feature that we offer, this post should explain just about everything.  Trust me, it's a great way to get others to find you on all of the sites listed on your IMU profile, it's innovative and we are the only company to offer the feature quite like this.

First off, the question that some of you may have is, what is this barcode on my IMU profile??  It's called a QR (Quick Response) code, and it can be scanned with a mobile device (use one of the many free QR scanning apps in the app store, or Google goggles for android).  In most cases these codes are scanned with your mobile device, then take you to some kind of promotional advertisement, video, or other marketing type page.  It's definitely cool that you don't have to type in a link on your phone to go to a web page.

So what happens when someone scans your ItsMyURLs QR code that comes with your profile??  Anyone that scans your QR code instantly gets to the mobile version of your profile, so that they can choose to connect with you on any of the profile links that you have listed!  Did you get that?....I said, all anyone has to do to connect with you on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc is to pull out there phone and scan a barcode!  Pretty cool stuff.

To expand on the idea, you can place your QR code on your business cards, marketing materials, billboards, banners, and anything else that you think people could scan from.  You can see how many people have scanned your QR code, and from what region of the country and world at anytime by logging into your profile and clicking on "view analytics" from your dashboard area.

So the concept of the one click, and now ONE SCAN to get someone to access all of your social profiles and links is included for free in our service to all of our users!  Try this, pull up your ItsMyURLs profile on your smartphone, scroll to the bottom where your QR code is located, have a friend open a QR app on their phone and have them scan it right from your screen....presto!   

Like the late, great Steve Jobs would say.....Oh, ONE MORE THING.  We also offer an upgrade to the traditional black and white QR code, to a custom branded one with your own image inside of it!  The ultimate branding tool this day and age, a code that people can scan, with a picture of yourself, your logo, or anything that you want inside of it!  To upgrade, you can login to your ItsMyURLs account, click on "brand QR" from the dashboard panel.  It is a paid feature, but well worth it, we need to design your image inside of your QR code as well as test it on many different smartphones and QR apps to make sure it scans great.  We have some really great stuff planned in the near future for your QR code.

Here are some sample QR codes that we've made for our customers:

Keep in mind that you won't be able to scan any of these unless you click on one of them and have it by itself on the page, otherwise your QR reader will get confused if there are more than one QR code in view.

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